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    I would love your thoughts on this name....

    Harvey Lawrence ???

    Our DD is Willa Capri and we are having a horrifically hard time coming up with a name for baby brother. As of now, Harvey is our first choice.

    We would like to use Lawrence as a MN because it is my maiden name. Joseph (father-in-law's name) is the other option for the middle.

    Other (first) names we like are Cruz, Rory, and Bennett.


    EtA: We love Cruz, but realize it comes across as pretty trendy so we kind of changed our mind.

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    I think Willa and Harvey work together. They're both a little vintage. Your daughter's middle name seems very modern (to my ears anyway), whereas Lawrence is classic. That might not matter to you, but it seems a little off balance to me. What about Harvey Cruz?

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    Harvey isn't exactly top of my list, but it sounds terribly cute next to Willa. Rory Joseph is probably my favorite, or Bennett with either mn.

    Willa and Harvey
    Willa and Rory
    Willa and Bennett

    I think I may like Bennett the best. Bennett Lawrence. Bennett Joseph.

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    Harvey wouldn't be on my list, but there's absolutely nothing inherently wrong with it. It's not that far off from Arthur which was on my short-list. I do love Lawrence for the middle spot for you. I think the middle spot should be used for honor names and not just filler.
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    I really like Harvey, and Harvey Lawrence is incredibly handsome. Stylish, retro, strong and on-trend, Harvey and Willa makes a fabulous sibset.
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