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    Need first name for middle name Birdie...

    I posted a little while ago about using the name Birdie after my grandma, I've decided after reading comments that it makes a much better middle name. What are some good suggestions you can come up with for a first name? Here are a few I though of so far, but don't think any of these are the one:

    Cecilia Birdie
    Olive Birdie
    Tessa Birdie
    Alexandra Birdie
    Violet Birdie
    Neva Birdie

    Hopefully those give you a little idea of what we gravitate towards. We don't like common names, nor do we like anything made up or too out there.

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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett13001 View Post

    A lot of these are my style, however we have a good number of them already in the family or are our friends kids names. We are surrounded by many people who have great taste in names! I do think Scarlett is one to mention to the hubby though! Thank you!

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    I like Cecilia Birdie and Alexandra Birdie. I'd maybe think about staying away from other "word" names.

    I like...
    Caroline Birdie
    Amabel Birdie
    Emmeline Birdie
    Marianne Birdie
    Johanna Birdie
    Cecily Birdie
    Juliet Birdie
    Sarabeth Birdie
    Elinor Birdie

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