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    'pick the middle name' thread

    I've seen similar threads to this but not this exactly, so I thought I would post it -- basically, for some of us who might be torn between two or three different middle names for a combo but don't need to make a whole thread about it, just post here! pick your favourite from the post above, and then add a name with a few possible middles, and the person after you will say which they prefer and then post their own names, etc!

    to start:

    Esther James
    Esther Quincy
    queer gal, author & name lover!

    current faves (in order of pref)
    Indigo Jacqueline Neve // Romy Beatrix Blue // Juniper Imogen Ruth // Lux Naomi Lydia
    Nixie, Zola, Juno

    Willow Isaac Theodore // Shiloh Nathaniel Blue // Django Solomon Jude // Otto Theodore Fox
    Wolf, Romeo, Raffi, Arlo

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    Esther Quincy. I don't like James on a boy or girl and I like the flow here.

    Jesse Oliver
    Jesse Patrick?
    Jesse Oliver 'Jes'
    Jay Henry | Will Patrick | Rhodes August | Halston Elias
    Sophia Camille 'Fia'
    Erin Amelia | Natalie Sienna | Sage Felicity | Hallie Jade
    Crush: Parker Jay

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    Nice thread idea

    Jesse Oliver! I really like this combo

    Cressida Faye or Cressida Hero?
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    Sarai Eloisa. Cressida Hero. Bronte Isabella. Elodie Francesca. Mirabel Violet. Edie Aurora. Romilly Winter. Scout Miranda. Carys Leonie. Margo Acacia.
    Tristan Malachi. Rafferty Jude. Arlo Forrest. Idris Orion. Otto Lane. Leander Beau. Jasper Leonidas.
    More combos!

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    I like Jasper Elias better.

    Aiden Derek or Aiden Edward?

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