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    I wouldn't give the legal name of Birdie... but I'd use Bridget, Brigitte, Brigitta, or Brigida (or something like these) and have Birdie be the nickname. I'm just trying to imagine going through life with Birdie as a legal name, and I wouldn't be impressed. As a nickname, though, it's adorable.
    Something like Robyn, Lark, Linnet, Circe, Aderyn, or Seffora (or another bird-meaning name) and calling her Birdie because of the meaning would work, too.
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    I think its cute for a nickname. I don't think I would personally use it as a full first name though.

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    I like it! I think its really nice. And the fact it has meaning makes it even better. I could see it being used in the first spot or middle. But Birdie Reese is adorable to me. I love it!
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    We're planning on Brigid nn Birdie if baby #2 is a girl. It's so cute, but wouldn't use it as a legal's just TOO cute for that.

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    Adorable nn especially as it was Grandma's. I would go with a name that you can get the nn birdie from. One that comes to mind is Bridie, Fairly popular where I'm from.

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