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    I'm with those who say that, in this generation, unusualness only is probably not going to inspire teasing. However, names that obviously sound like curse words are still ripe for teasing, I think. EG, I've met a boy named G@briel "G@be" Horn. Say that a few times fast and you'll figure it out. I really wish his parents had thought through that one! OTOH, he wasn't totally friendless, and some of the teasing was friendly and light-hearted...but you really don't want to do that to a middle school boy if you can avoid it.

    Similarly, we're crossed off Astrid because multiple people instantly think "a$$ turd" when it is mentioned (plus, I know it's too much to hope Americans will ever pronounce it the way that I think sounds lovely). My friend's husband nixed Hadassah because of the obvious "a$$" in the middle.

    I think there are a very few character/famous people associations that will be hard to shake, as well. As someone mentioned, probably Oscar the Grouch in most areas of the US. But most are fine. I mean, when I see people say "don't name your daughter Willa Scott because it sounds like Willard Scott" and I, as a 27 yr old, have no idea who that is, then I highly doubt it will ever come up on the playground. OTOH, Dora is adorable and not a bad association, but kids and moms in this generation will definitely be singing the song at any little Doras...not terrible, but maybe a little annoying?

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    Honestly, even if something has a TON of teasing potential, chances are that it won't matter a whole lot. Kids will make fun of it for a while, but if you/your child deal with it reasonably and responsibly, it will go away. I've met people with some pretty teasable names, including both of my brothers, and they've all turned out just fine. It sucks to have your kid come home crying, but if it's not their name, it's something else. Teasing doesn't NEED a reason, bullies will be bullies--I work with 4-5 year olds, and they're always telling each other mean things, like saying another kid wears diapers, or making up words to call their classmates. I haven't heard a single one of them pick on a kid for their name.

    For names like Felix and Linus, forget about it. Those are great names. Every name has something wrong with it, and if the biggest thing you can come up with is TV show characters, you're golden.
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    Well I'm an Ebony and have never been teased ever. My sister was the one with the classic Adele and got Adele Bell in the Well can't you see how she smells. Silly but she made it up aged 5. My brother Isaac gets Ice pack or icey which he actually likes.

    As much as I get told on nameberry to get rid of Cooper because it rhymes with Pooper I can't do it I love the name and anyway its top 10 in Australia so many people get over it and who over the age of 6 says that anyway?
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    Not concerned at all. You can't predict it, you should only rise hale, healthy and happy child.
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