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    Nickname for Holiday?

    I am suddenly loving Holiday for a girl, to go with my Henry (sometimes known as Atlas, his middle).

    Can anyone think of a nickname besides the obvious Hollie/y?

    Is it too "unique" to match the classic Henry? I went with classic fn and unique middle with my son, so wonder if Holiday is better suited as a mn to match this style? But I am loving the idea of another H first name, and the quirkiness of Holiday is appealing to me! Are they too matchy?

    Also, what do you think of Atlas and Holiday? Too vacation-y sounding together?

    Perhaps I am talking myself right out of loving Holiday. But it is so cute and spunky!

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
    Mama of Henry Atlas & Margot Story

    Other name loves:

    Girls: Phoebe, Ramona, Holiday, Matilda, Susan, Helen
    Boys: Thomas, Ulysses, Odin, Oliver

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