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    Question This or that! Help me sort through my (somewhat unique) list!

    Just trying to sort through some new suggestions I have recieved and new names I had added!

    Just a simple this or that! If you want to add comments/opinions I would love it! Thanks!

    Adair or Valen?
    Elena or Lena?
    Alma or Etta?
    Bridget or Nora(h)?
    Delia or Della?
    Hazel or Regina?
    Sylvia or Dororthy?
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora?
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena???????
    Belen or Salma?

    Thanks! ANY opinions/replies are greatly appreciated!
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    Adair or Valen? - By far; I love Adair!
    Elena or Lena?
    Alma or Etta?
    Bridget or Nora(h)?
    Delia or Della? - Not a big fan of either; I prefer Delphine overall.
    Hazel or Regina? - Such a rich, earthy name...I like it a lot!
    Sylvia or Dorothy?
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora?
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena??????? - I like the spelling Magdalene better.
    Belen or Salma?
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    Adair or Valen? Definitely Adair!
    Elena or Lena? I like Lena better... short and sweet, imo.
    Alma or Etta? Etta
    Bridget or Nora(h)? Nora. For some reason, I don't like the sound of Bridget.
    Delia or Della? Delia reminds me of Delilah, which I don't really like. Della is pretty and reminds me of O. Henry's Gift of the Magi.
    Hazel or Regina? I've never really cared for Hazel, but only because I once knew a very catty girl with that name.
    Sylvia or Dorothy? Oooh, can I say both? Sylvie and Dottie are the most adorable NNs.
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora? Eleanor. Classic and feminine.
    Magdalia or Magdala or Magdalen or Magdalena??????? Magdalen
    Belen or Salma? Neither are quite my style, but Salma is better.

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    Adair or Valen? Going to go with Valen, neither one works for me
    Elena or Lena? Elena. It simply sounds more complete and has nn Lena built right in
    Alma or Etta? I guess Alma. I don’t like the heavy sound of Alma, but Etta seems incomplete
    Bridget or Nora? There are both great. I think both can coexist on the same list as they’re completely different
    Delia or Della? Delia, sounds more complete
    Hazel or Regina? Hazel by far. Regina is a little too close to vagina for me
    Sylvia or Dorothy? Dorothy
    Ramona or Eleanor or Eleanora? Eleanora/Eleanor. Much more elegant
    Magdalena by FAR.
    Belen or Salma? Neither. Neither really comes off as a name. Salma is a little too salmonella for me.

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