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    Clementine: This is one word name that I just don't like. It's too long and I feel the sounds are clunky.
    North: Very classic middle name and I would have liked it with regal names like Henry or Frederick but I'm just turned off by the recent popularity spike because of North West.....
    Rebecca: I just think it's a little 90's
    Emma: I love Emma! It's on my list and is so simple and sweet
    Daisy: I really like Daisy too because it reminds me of The Great Gatsby however I prefer it as a nickname!
    Lily: Love! So pretty.
    Avery: I have a male cousin named Avery and could never imagine it on a female but now I've seen it on so many little girls and I think its adorable and unisex without being too masculine.
    Petunia: I usually like flower names but I think this one has too many hard sounds with the 'p' and 't'.
    Iris: I really like this, it would sound awesome with a long, feminine middle name.
    London: It seems trendy but I still like it. Paris is really sweet as well!
    Aphrodite: Meh... I don't know. I think there are better names to use from Greek mythology.
    Alice: I have a new love for Alice! Very cute.
    Coralie: Love love love! I love all the Cora names. Cora is such a sweet and sassy name all at the same time!
    Jane: Great for a middle but I think its plain.
    Jamie: I prefer James on a boy so I don't like Jamie.
    Chloe: I like Chloe. However, I like Clea better.
    Vida: Reminds me of Vera which I like better.
    Marigold: I like this. I can't decide whether I like Marigold or Meredith better.
    Vaida: I don't know about this.
    Poppy: SO cute as a nickname I love it. I would go for something more formal to fall back on in later life though!
    Primrose: Cute. The Hunger Games has so many great names!
    Gloria: Dated and reminds me of the hippo in Madagascar.
    Edith: I love it even though I'm not big on biblical reference names.
    Cordelia: Cute but I'd stick with Coralie instead.
    Alba: Hmm.. I don't think I'd ever use this one.
    Giselle: I actually think the name Giselle is pretty and it's rarely heard so would be a refreshing choice.
    Tawny: I just don't like this.
    Audrey: I like Aubrey more but there is nothing wrong with Audrey.
    Lucy: You've probably noticed I love short and sweet girls name. I think Lucy is a beautiful name.
    Gertrude: This is a name that should stay off the charts.
    India: I know a dog named India so it ruins it!
    Elle/Ellie: Ellie is adorable. I'd pick something longer though and use it as a nickname.
    Florence: Really cool name.
    Cambria: I just wouldn't name my child after a font.
    Rose: Beautiful and since its so common as a middle name, it is so refreshing as a first.
    Britney: Very dated, definitely not a favourite.

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