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Thread: Spotting

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    For those of you who had spotting when they were pregnant, when did occur? Right before the time of your expected period? I'm supposed to have mine in a few more days (4 I believe) and just got a little but of spotting. This has never happened to me. It was barely anything, and rather mucousy (tmi, I know). A little bit, and now nothing. Too early to get excited, as maybe it will pick up. But good info for the future anyways. Just curious!

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    Anyone? Still nothing and I'm getting really anxious!!

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    Given the timing, that could very well be implantation bleeding. If your period is due in 4 days and you have a fairly regular cycle then I would guess your about 10 dpo? Does that sound right? That's prime time for implantation.

    I did spot w my first pregnancy but I was about 5 weeks and it was only for a day or so. I have never experienced implantation bleeding but it does happen.
    Good luck!!!

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    Hi Savvy. Could be implantation bleeding (from the fertilized egg burrowing into the uterine lining.) Happens around 10-14 days after conception, just before your expected period. And yes, they say it tends to be very light spotting, like a pinkish mucousy smear. Fingers crossed for you!

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    Hi there - i will always share my story because mine was pretty scary and I hope it makes you feel better. I "spotted" (except it was really a light period) from week 4.5 to about week 10.5. The entire time. When it first started, we panicked and ran to the doctor. Everything looked fine. We went back a week and a half later, everything still looked fine and she could never find a source for the bleed. So apparently that was just what my body needed to do to adjust to being pregnant. I'm now almost 17 weeks and still chugging along just fine. Now mine was brown the entire time, no red or pink, but I did also have light cramping and pinching. Very much like a light period, like I mentioned already.
    So there's always a chance it's absolutely nothing and your baby is just fine. But I'd say if it comes back or gets heavier, definitely go in for a checkup - if for no other reason than your peace of mind. I think it's always better to check in and know as much as you can about what's going on - even though you may not always get full answers or the answers you want. I personally hate not knowing more than anything. Good luck and I hope it just goes away completely!

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