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    Algernon, Evander, and Tiberias are my favorites listed. Also loving Bayard from your middle name options!. Vladimir does have a dark, sexy air to it.

    I thought also of Ulysses, Odysseus, Lysander, Aragorn and Thorin for you. Sorry if you aren't an LOTR fan, but those 2 characters seem to fit your bill of fair. (:

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    From your first names I like: Ambrose, Auberon, Damon, Endymion, Evander, Gawain, Leonidas, Leopold, Lucius, Melchior, Odin, Rainier, and Romulus. (wow, I am surprise how many I like! I have a hard time with boys names usually!)

    From the middles I like: Alaric, Antony, Dragan, Emrys, Hawthorn, Hector, Rowan, Rufus, Rupert, Sebastian, Vladmir, Wayland, and Wolfgang.

    Since you like Lucius, I was going to suggest Lucian, but maybe that is too soft for your husband? I also like Lysander, Samson, Ronan, and Rhys for you.

    I also like a pp's suggestion of Solomon.
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    Great names!

    My faves are:
    1. Leonidas
    2. Orion
    3. Perseus - This one is really cool!

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    You know darling, I had to comment here - I almost died to see your boys, though I have to be short. I will post my favorites, firstly the ones that go best, than better,worse and worst with big sis(not the worst from your whole list but from my favorites).
    #1 Algernon - you got me fully when you posted The Importance! Love love love the name and the reference. A-theme works excellently, I saw it done a lot. Aphrodite and Algernon, be my sweetest sibset dream or come true.
    #2 Perseus - yeah, not cool but very cool indeed. My favorite Percy name, strong, masculine yet soo underused. And sexy, yes.
    #3 Leonidas - I would say number 1 if it was Leonidas. The only Leo heard in Ukraine, so cool and classy here. You know, I would die for Greek boys if I lived a few thousands years ago (Hello Hephaistion)
    #4 Melchior - super handsome and romantic, dark-blue velvet night, stars and light...
    #5 Rainier - I like the sound and even though it's not fully my thing, I love the connections behind it. Interesting, bright option.
    #6 Casimir - cosy, warm and homey. Doesn't have the A-dite's full enigma but still pretty cool.
    I also like Endymion, Leopold and Orion...Xerxes is a bit too out-there, like too much cream on the cake but it may go. Can I cry because your H vetoed Isidore? I love this one much. Did he nix Edmund?
    Out of your middles I obviously like Thor, Hector and Vladimir, although they are all cute buttons. Also, second Ulysses suggestion and adding Uriah.
    Orlando? Roland? Odysseus? Otfried? Othello?(?) Oleg?
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    Alrighty, coming out looking like baby Hugh? Yes, this I can work with! Haha. I'm going to make up categories if it's all the same to you. =]

    Aphrodite's Top Ten: These are the name that I think sound the best or "go" well with Big Sissy's name.
    Attila - Masculine & Red; And I will trust you that it can work, lol. I know you don't mind but same initials really bug me, so it's not my top choice lol.
    **Endymion - Dreamy & Silvery Blue; I will always love it. This is the first boy's name I ever saw you talk about and I think Mio goes great with Roo.
    Leonidas - Strong & Maroon; As much as I love Leopold, I think this is the Leo name that stands up better next to Miss Aphrodite.
    *Lucius - White light & ice; I don't like Mr. Malfoy, but do prefer this now to Lucian. The meaning is great, I can admit it's a nice choice if I try.
    *Melchior - Pure onyx sky glittering with starlight; What a gem! Husband has some very good taste (Wait wait wait, HUSBAND?!?) I think this is a perfect choice... Very captivating, mysterious, and unusual in a good way! And very high up on my preference list for this little one. Oh rambling...
    Orion - You know how much I love him, but he barely made this list. As much as it pains me to say, I agree it's becoming trendy. Not sure anymore =(
    Perseus - Same concern as Orion. The most accessable myth names and therefore the most popular, but you can pull off more impressive ones!
    *Rainier - Lush & Green ; And strong and honoring. He is still a mighty contender in this race. No inherent nn, unless you'll call him Rain? Cute!
    *Romulus - Awesome; I love wolves as well, so I'm not sure if I'm biased? But I think this is pretty great. "Cooler" than Remus. And I adore nn Rom!
    Tiberius - Yellow & Macho; I can't deny it sounds amazing. Not my favorite, but I can see it working and your kid would be the one to pull it off.

    The Top Five For Rosalind: These used to be some of my fave options for the old sibset, but now have lost a bit of their spark for me.
    Casimir - Light blue; It's still a great name with a great meaning and probably my favorite on this list, but lately it's seemed a little less impressive.
    Damon - Dark green; It's nice but it's not enough with Aphrodite. Short and semi-boring, and very unbalanced in my opinion.
    Evander - Golden yellow; I think you're right about him blending in with the Anders. It's a great name, but it does have more of a common sound.
    Gawain - Burnt orange; This has such a gentlemanly and perfect image, but my problem is with it's sound. Maybe move it to the middle spot??
    Leopold - Light green; Also my favorite Leo-name, but as great as it is, he still seems a bit too much on the "safe side" in this sibset.

    The Ten I'd Eliminate: As first names. Some of these work really well in the middle spots, but just aren't enough to hold their own.
    Algernon - "Flowers For" is my first reference for this name. Aphrodite's little brother AL?? No way.
    Ambrose - Points deducted for Rose petal softness and A initial. I'm not a fan of this Rose boy name unless it's in the middle. I mean... nn Bro?
    Auberon - "King of the Faeries". Well, we think it's cool, but this is the only phrase I Ever see next to this name. 50/50 chance it's used for teasing.
    Bensiabel - I think it's far too much in full form, far too close to 'Isabel' in spelling, and far too "normal" when he's inevitably shortened to Ben.
    Darius - Pretty cool, I did pause to consider this when I first saw it, but like Damon, I just don't think it's enough.
    Herne - I don't even view this as a rough name like you do, but he just works much better in the middle. One syllable first and last name... Nah.
    Odin - Norwegian connection is really great, but I just don't see Odin and Aphro. I think he should be the first consideration as a middle name though!
    Percival - I'm sorry I just dislike this, I think you already know that lol. Neither Percival nor Percy fits any of the imagery I can see for you.
    Snowdon - Best left on the mountain. Sorry, this doesn't even seem like a name, and just reminds me of the vetoed "nature words" from the first try.
    Xerxes - The meaning is awesome. But I'd even prefer you just named a son Hero as opposed to this. I think only worked on one dude...
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