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    Jazz, I absolutely understand why you want to choose a name, especially after reading your latest post. I can't imagine what this must feel like. I think you should write a neat little list of names and hang it on the fridge or the bathroom mirror; somewhere your husband is bound to see it several times a day. This way he'll see and think about the names without you "forcing" them on him (not saying you are, but I think they somehow feel like we are...).
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    Ottilie I love that idea! Thanks you. I'm going definitely going to do that
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    Makes sense to me. It's hard having health issues. Names can be a good distraction. Maybe you can explain this to your hubby and he might be able to discuss it with you. If you're honest and vulnerable with him, he can understand where you are coming from. I don't think he will be able to make a decision with you now, but maybe you can agree on a day to decide before your delivery- maybe a week before or the day before.
    Good luck.

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    Your feelings on this are 100% valid!

    The paper list does sound like a great idea. It might feel like less pressure for him.
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    Love the paper list idea. My parents named me by putting a piece of paper on the fridge, and each time they thought of a name they liked, they would write it down so the other would see. This way you don't have to constantly talk about names, but he'll get used to the idea of it.

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