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Thread: Naming 'X'

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    Out of the ones you have, I definitely like Lucy Macbeth the best. Also agree with everyone else - if you want her to be short but not too short, make her in the 5'0"-5'3" range.
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    She's just short, okay? She's a midget, and she's only about fourteen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happiness_harper1 View Post
    She's just short, okay? She's a midget, and she's only about fourteen.
    To be a midget you have be less that 147 cm, which puts her out of that category. Sorry, but.. That's how it is. And I still like her as a Lola. ^^
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    You people who are criticizing the height aren't considering the age of the character. That's pretty darn short for a fully grown adult, but not ridiculously so for an adolescent girl. At 14, she's still growing.

    To answer the question, I like Lucy best. Holly is also nice, but the last name is improbable.

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    I like Lola Mackenzie, personally. And I think that whatever height you want your character to be, go for it. If she's short, she's short. So am I. So get over it, everyone.
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