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    Longer than usual cycle first time TTC

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    What type of pregnancy tests are you using? Some are more sensitive than others. It is posdible to be pregnant and 12dpo and not have a BFP yet.
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    Do you think maybe scheduling an appointment with a doctor may help? Or have you been stressed out lately? I know stress can effect AF. With the test did it come back with a strong dark negative or faint? My first time testing came back with a strong super dark negative right away on the test but then AF showed up right on cue. And I tested 3 days before my AF date.
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    I didn't get a positive with my daughter until a few days past my period and I got negatives the day after my period was due despite using a test that promised results five days before my period. I think I was around 14 dpo by the time I got a positive result but I'm not positive when I ovulated that month. I give it a couple more days then contact a doctor if you still haven't gotten either your period or a positive result. Good luck!
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    Sorry to hear that. I had a 'very long cycle' which turned out to be a BFP, didn't get a positive test until day 40 though!
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