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    I think Frederick North is so handsome and strong! What a fabulous name! As long as you're using North as a middle name I don't think it's much of a problem. If anyone tries to make the connection between your son's incredible name and baby North West (I still can't believe that is the poor girl's name) just explain briefly that North is traditionally a male name and you had it chosen before baby Kimye came.

    Also, like pp said, there is no confirmation that her name is indeed North. So if it turns out they didn't name their daughter that and you choose a different name that you didn't love as much as North, that would be so sad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    First off, I am so sorry that at 9 months pregnant you have to stress about this!!

    This kind of thing would bother me too. Probably to the point of reconsidering North as a mn. Just because of how close together the births are, not because North is ruined forever or something.

    I do love North with Frederick. It tones down the formality of Frederick. In this combo I find North to be subtly naturey and earthy. I wouldn't replace it with something preppy/directional like Easton or Weston. I would replace it with something a little hippie-ish with the same down-to-earth vibe. River is nice, Path might be a bit out-there, Way has a nice worn-in feel to it? Is Frederick Way out-there for you? I like the directional aspect of North. No idea if that's meaningful for you, but I figured I would riff off of that. Wyatt or Waylon or Hiram have a similar feel for me.
    I like your suggestions. I thing you are right on with the feel of the name I'm going for. Naturey and hippie-ish yet distinguished was more the tone than directional really. I live in Michigan and my family has always spent time "up North". "Up North" is a very popular term here and has a strong connotation to nature, beauty, water, simplicity. Then name North had that meaning for me, a reminder of my childhood and a place I love. Still on the fence about this..Thanks for the help though.

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    People mag has been known to be wrong. Hospitals don't issue the legal birth certificate anyway, so the story sounds bogus to me. When my daughter was born, be didn't even finalize the birth certificate paperwork until the day before we went home and then it had to be sent to the state. I had to mail in a form with a check later to get our copy. The hospital did send us home with a "birth certificate" with her hand and footprints on it, but it's not a legal document. It's for display. If someone did indeed see a "birth certificate" from Cedar-Saini, it could easily be fake.

    My husband heard on the radio that a source leaked that the name is Kadence (not sure how they spell it, but definitely with a K) and her middle name is after Kanye's mother. The story was that Kanye actually wanted to name her Khrist (Christ with a K), but the Kardashians put their foot down. This story sounds a million times more plausible to me. Kimye are crazy and attention-whores, but North West is too silly to be true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    I have nothing constructive to add to the thread, so feel free to loathe my comment.

    I think it's absolutely ridiculous to say that they have "stolen" the name. First of all, it hasn't even been officially confirmed that that's the actual name they've used. And secondly, what gives them less of a right to use North (or any other name, for that matter) than you? It might just be me and I'm sorry if I seem like a prick, but I've seen so many of these comments with whatever name that has been either suggested or rumoured and I just don't get it.
    Thank you. This exactly.
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    Who cares if North is just the middle name? I would go with it. You hardly ever use a middle name anyway.

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