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Thread: Cimorene

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    Last night, my husband and I were talking about our favorite female characters from books and their names. He reminded me of the spirited and bright Cimorene from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I really like her name! Cimorene is very pretty to my ears -without feeling fussy. What do you think?

    For fun, some of the other ladies from the series:

    Kazul (a dragon!)

    Has anyone else found or remembered any name-gems from books lately?
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    Cimorene is actually amazing...the more I say it in my head, the more I like it. I've never heard it before but it has all the qualities that make a perfect name in my book: easily spelled, easily pronounced, completely unique and unused, attention-grabbing in an appropriate way...and bonus points for making me think of cinnamon. I also really like Morwen from the list.

    The book names that I have always liked are (of course) anything from the Narnia series: Shasta, Aravis, etc. My latest name find from a book was actually a boys' name in a Lincoln biography--Thurlow, which made it onto my boy name list.

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    Wow, Cimorene is a very pretty name! It caught my eye when I was looking through the threads, so I wanted to stop in and say that. I haven't had much time to read lately, but semi-book related is I did a silly thing and started liking the name Harlan for a boy. It's not usable though since I have already utilized it for the main character of the novel I'm writing. Oops.
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    I used to love those books! I don't even know how many times I read that series; I think I had it permanently checked out from the library.

    Cimorene is so pretty. It sounds similar in rhythm and sound to "shimmering," so I picture sunlight on water.
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    Cimorene is lovely.
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