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    I know know just two Audrey's I'm pretty sure. One in her 30's I guess and one who is a teenager.

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    I know one toddler Audrey and that is it - I am also in the Northeast US. I've never heard an Aubrey in real life, but I do have a male character in one of the novels I am working on named Aubrey. To me it is more boy. Audrey is more feminine and much lovelier. Honestly, it surprises me that people are confusing the two. Especially since most people I know would hear Audrey and say "Oh, like Audrey Hepburn?"
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    I personally know one Audrey, who is in first grade and have met probably 4 in all. I also know an Aubrey and have met and Aubree and believe that it could be difficult to distinguish between them because they are so similar. My name (Haley) is very similar to many others and I've gotten Bailey, Kaylee, Daley, Hadley, Hayden, etc. so she will probably have some people think her name is Aubrey but if that doesn't bother you than use the name! It is really a beautiful name (although I prefer Aubrey). Hope I helped!
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    Nope, I don't know a single Audrey or Aubrey.

    I can understand them being mistaken for each other or mentioned together since they're so similar. They are very close and have similar levels of popularity which is pretty uncommon, so it's not a wonder that people bring it up.

    Honestly, there are worse things. There will always be something that people like, don't like, notice, or mention about a name, so I'd just fly with it.
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    I know several Aubreys of various ages (20 somethings to infants). I do think it's a more regional name. All of them are in the AL-MS-GA-TN area. I don't actually know any Audreys, though I much prefer it over Aubrey.

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