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    Question Jack vs. Jackson

    What are your thoughts on Jack alone vs Jackson? Our list is down to Jackson, Mason, Owen, or Oliver. We are in discussion most with Jackson. I am arguing for Jack alone but hubby feels that Jack is short for Jackson and his name should just be Jackson. I offered Jax and he says that's a nickname, too. Any thoughts?

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    Jack is not short for Jackson! Remind him it's a mediaeval form of John and that it's probably earned its status as a name in its own right after several hundred years of use, rather than the last 20-odd years in which Jackson has become trendy. I think this stems from the fact I dislike surnames as first names but IMO, Jack is much stronger and more classic and handsome than Jackson, which is clunky and reminds me of MJ. I also think Jack fits better with your daughter's name than Jackson. I vote for Jack!

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    I think Jack alone has definitely become a name on it's own, and not just a nickname. Just Jack is on my list simply because I don't like the option Jackson. If you like both Jack AND Jackson, then I think you should go with Jackson. That way you both get what you want in some way.

    For what it's worth, both Ava and Jack/Ava and Jackson sound wonderful. Good luck!

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    Jackson seems trendier to me because it makes me think of all the Jaxon's out there. I think Jax is cute, but it's my best friend's dog's name, so.....

    I prefer Jack. Also love Owen and Oliver!
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    Jack is spunky and manly. Jackson/Jaxon is trendy. The name Jack can stand on its own. I think Jack and Oliver would make an awesome sibling duo!
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