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    This is my daughter's name. I haven't really had problems with people pronouncing it wrong, but she's only one, so at this point most people hear it before seeing it. The doctor/dentist/etc. asked the first time and they and their staff have mostly gotten it right since then.

    We say ee-sold. I wanted the ee-SOLD-uh pronunciation but had to compromise on the simpler ee-sold with DP lol. The only person who consistently says it wrong is my dad. He got it into his head that it's said ih-SAHLD and refuses to say it any other way, but that's how he is about everything. To him, the ch in Chloe sounds like the ch in cheese.
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    I think 'I sold' would be common...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ruolan View Post
    I had no idea there were so many pronunciations of this name. I normally think of it as eez-uhld, but with super soft vowels. I think it is very usable. Since most people have probably never met an Isolde, yours can establish how to say it!

    Follow up question for the people suugesting the original: do you pronounce the "t" in Iseult/Yseult or is it silent?
    I believe it's pronounced.
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    I would pronounce Isolde ee-ZAWL-du or ee-ZOL-də.
    If your going more for EE-səlt I would spell it the French way: Yseult or the Celtic: Ysolt.
    I think the Y would steer you away from the potentially perilous I sound (which I personally hate).
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