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Thread: Molly or Millie

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    I prefer Molly as a given name but I adore Milly (that spelling, for some reason) more as a nickname for Emilia/Amelia. It just feels a bit insubstantial on it's own, plus I've known Mollys in their 80s, so I can see it age while Millie/Milly I can't, which is why I'd want a more formal name for it. Both names work fine with Amy though.

    Molly/Millie Jessica
    Molly/Millie Elizabeth
    Molly/Millie Francesca
    Molly/Millie Eve/Evelyn
    Molly/Millie Rebecca

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    Molly is my favorite. I think it sounds the best with Amy-Louise too. Here are some middle name ideas:

    Molly Patricia
    Molly Lenore
    Molly Bernadette
    Molly Claire
    Molly Josephine
    Molly Lydia
    Molly Jocelyn
    Molly Isabelle
    Molly Gwendolyn
    Molly Annabel

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    I agree that Molly is better as a stand alone name, Millie is fun as a nn but I wouldn't use it by itself.

    What about?

    Molly Adele
    Molly Astrid
    Molly Annette
    Molly Avis
    Molly Irene
    Molly Esther
    Molly Corinne
    Molly Darlene
    Molly Jeanine
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    I went to school with a Molly AND a Millie. Millie is the winner here though between the two.

    MN suggestions for Millie:
    Millie Isabeau
    Millie Pearl (My favorite!)
    Millie Bay or Millie Faye
    Millie Julianna
    Millie Snow
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