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    Oh my goodness...

    Riley; thanks for picking out your favourites.

    Amylove; Ooooh, look at that! Words and all! They're all *amazing* but my favourite is Auberon Basil Lorien. And Lucius Odin Vladimir. And all the rest for that matter... Thanks, sweetie!!!

    Sessha the Great; Woohooo, rocking my socks off again... You are right about so many things. First Bors, I get what you're saying, but this is one of the names I included because of a certain similarity to a name on my beloved's FT. Mordred is already off, I don't know what I was thinking. I just like saying the name... and you know, second pregnancy in a year makes my brain go funny. Tresillian has significance for my love, Lawrence & Vladimir are family names (Russian blood, yes, indeed!)... Finvarra for the girls? How dreadful. I do like Lugh (and Iorek! How could I forget?). I love the conflicting meaning/sound of Dragan too, one of my favourite things about that name. Just beautiful. Thanks, hunnybunny!

    Emmsie; You're so funny! You always make me laugh out loads. Thank you for ruining Lodestar for me, now all I can see is creepy moustached man. Shasta, I don't know, Narnia, one of my favourite songs... My soon to be MIL used to call my boyfriend Shasta when he was little. I thought it was cute.

    Lewie; I don't care about same first initials. I could probably have a whole a-team (haha!) because there are so many great names staring with a. I'm never gonna let first initials stop me from using the name I love. Thanks for your compliments, and for giving me a slid top 5! I actually love Perseus Bayard Auberon! Sweet!

    Sarahdear; Yay, you love Lucius! Always makes me happy! Thank you for dividing them up for me!!

    Le-O-na!; yes, Leon for Leonidas is a good one. Laszlo... hmmm. Zoltan i only see sun tan and Istvan sounds like a mean mean mean DE.

    Seraares; thanks, Cyrus Xavier looks rather dashing.

    Averelladavina; Casimir Oliver Bayard made me all swoonish... thanks!!

    Sari; thank you! that means a lot to me. I love Aurelian Basil Oliver, feels very British (which is good)!

    The Ant Mother; you make sense even with an ant growing inside of you! Wow! The ones I'm drawn to the most aren't mythological this time, so I guess that's good. I'm happy about the four you picked as your favourites with little Aphra, makes me happy! Thanks sweetiepie!

    Demers; thanks for picking a top five!

    Shan; you might be right, besides after Emma's comments I see a sleezy porn star when I hear Roderick now. I do like Perseus Robin Ferdinand, thanks!

    NorthernLights; Leonidas Antony Robin is gorgeous, thank you!!

    Celianne; Whoa; thank you!! First of all Sigurd is pronounced SIG-uhr (pr something like that, I'm not good at making the Norwegian sounds in English). Dragan is druh-GAN. Herne is HURN (long u sound). Thanks so much for all your comments

    Betty; oooh, nephew named Robin! I swoon... I'm in love with Robin Hood. Don't get me started. Rainier Hugh Osiris rocks

    Dinainherweddingbliss; You know a little Rainier??? How cool! And with a lil' bro named Xavier... awesome. I don't know what he wants, he's being cranky. I'm all alone! At least until the longed for midwife appointment, when he can see there's an actual baby there. You want a boy? Well, we'll see in October (if my calculations are right). Thank you for picking out your favourites!

    Clocktower; I like Casimir Osiris Hugh very very much! Thanks!!!

    Bonnie; thank you!! And thanks for picking out your favs and commenting! Helpful indeed.

    Boy&Girl; I don't like Gareth for a first, but I like it in the middle spot. Thank you!

    JTucker; Thanks for your top four (you had Roderick in there twice, which either means you really love it, or made a tiny mistake!).

    I will go through my list in a second and edit. I just need to breathe... and sing Baba some night-night songs! Thanks all!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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