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    I LOVE your taste in girls' names! Fantastic list. My suggestion re Lorelei is that you decide what nickname you want to use for her, and share that with family and friends when she's born to avoid her being called by other things (at least to a degree). What about Rory, Lili (lee-lee), Lorel or Laurel, Lolo, Lolly, Rora, etc.

    1. Lorelei
    2. Cecelia
    3. Viviana
    4. Daphne
    5. Penelope
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”

    ~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

    Lou, Camille, Elliot, Quinn
    Victor, Mathias, Hayden, Tristan

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    In no particular order, I like these 5 best.

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    My five favorites are:


    If I named a daughter Lorelei, I would nickname her Lore, and encourage others not to say Lorie, just Lore. The first name Loire is popular in the Netherlands, and I think it's a lovely name. However, I have 4 awesome sons with another on the way, so I might not get a chance to name a daughter at all.

    Best of luck to you and your family!

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    There's no reason Lorelei needs a nickname. I get tired of the assumption that people need a nickname. I know two Elizabeths, two Margarets, and a Rebecca who all go by their full time.
    That being said I could Lore pronounced Loor being an automatic nickname of a kind but Lori! I would be surprised if someone called Lorelei/ai Lori. I would just tell them it's not my name.

    Anyway my top five
    1. Viviana
    2. Cecilia or Cecily or Felicity
    5. Lorelai
    6. Daphne
    (Note I would pick one from Cecilia or Cecily or Felicity, they seem too similar to use them all. I love them all so I placed them equally. )
    Good Luck!

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