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    first name and last name ending in O sound. Not cool, right?

    DH's parents were from Ireland and Italy. His last name is Briscoe. He is really pushing HARD for Renzo if we have another boy. He says, lighten up, names can be fun :shock: I just don't think I can deal with the double O endings.... what do you think? Plus I think Renzo Briscoe sounds like the least popular boy on the Catholic school playground in the 1950s!

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    I agree with you Renzo Briscoe is a bit much. To me it feels like a very ironic anti-hero in a very poorly scripted dark-comedy play.

    Maybe you can find something similar to Renzo you both can agree on that would lead to Renzo as a nn.
    How about:
    Lorenz _ Briscoe nn Renzo
    Wren Zebadiah Briscoe nn Renzo. (Obviously Zebadiah is a filler for any Z- name, it's just the first that came to mind. lol. But if you use a Z mn there are a ton of other names that would work like: Camren, Farren, Goren, Efren, Kieren, etc).
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    Lorenzo Briscoe is fine; Renzo Briscoe is too singsong-y. The syllable count matters with same-ending names.

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    Yeah, I would agree with you on this one. Renzo Briscoe is too much.
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    It's too much! Although Renzo is a super cool name!
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