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    I love all three of your name choices, and I honestly don't feel any of them are getting too popular outside of the Nameberry world.

    Delilah Mae Juliet is lovely. I don't love the flow of Hazel June Marie quite as much, but think Delilah and Hazel would be gorgeous sisters.
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    I like Delilah.

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    I think Hazel is growing in popularity, but I don't think it's too trendy. I think it would be a good choice.

    Delilah, I think, is still pretty rare. Penelope is gorgeous, yet, there is the unfortunate connection!

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    It is so hard to tell which names are truly popular and not since Nameberry it seems like they are but I have never met a Hazel, Penelope or Delilah in real life.
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    I do not think any of those names are becoming excessively popular. Penelope is certainly growing rapidly, as it was not even in the top 1000 names in 2000 and today has a rank of 125. However, in the past few years, it has slowed down a bit, increasing it's rank by about 40 places each year. I cannot imagine Penelope reaching a rank much higher than 100, but I understand why this may concern you. Also, I don't really know very much about the Kardashians, so my first association with Penelope is Penelope Cruz.

    Delilah has also grown rapidly in recent years, starting out not even ranked before 1996 and now at 154. However, Delilah had already reached 193 by 2008 and has grown at a relatively slow pace sense then, so I do not think you should have to worry much about Delilah becoming any more popular.

    Hazel has the same problem as Penelope and Delilah. It was not even ranked until 1998 and is now ranked at 175. Again, I cannot see Hazel getting much more popular than the 100th place, but that is just my own speculation.

    I wouldn't worry so much about these names getting too popular. Their growth has slowed down in recent years, so unless there is a character or new celebrity that rapidly increases the popularity of these names, you are probably safe.

    From your combos, I adore Hazel June Marie. Because the names are relatively short, I think Hazel June Marie looks more complete than just Hazel Marie, although I usually prefer one middle name to two. Penelope Juliet is also gorgeous. As for the Delilah combination, I prefer Delilah June, but Delilah Mae Juliet is pretty too.

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