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    Rate these names :)

    Here's my top few girls names, what do you guys think? I know they are not everyone's style but I like hearing opinions. Also, for each name I've listed 2 middle names: the first ones are family names and the second are just names I like with the first names. Any other name suggestions are welcome if you think I'd like something based on the list. Thanks!!

    1. Emilia Mary (like Amelia but I prefer the Italian spelling)
    2. Emilia Katherine
    3. Juliette Nora
    4. Juliette Clara
    5. Adelaide Rose
    6. Adelaide Katerina
    7. Aria Mary
    8. Aria Victoria
    9. Coralie Rose
    10. Coralie Noelle
    11. Felicity Nora
    12. Felicity Alaina
    13. Alaina Rose
    14. Alaina Noelle
    15. Lucia Mary
    16. Lucia Katherine

    And my guilty pleasure name Beatrix (with the nickname Trixie), which I know not many people like so I won't even ask but feel free to give your opinions on that too haha

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    I really like all of the first names you have chosen, except for Adelaide which has never been my style. I love Emilia, Juliette and Lucia (prn. "loo-see-uh" not "loo-chee-uh" or "loo-sha). My favorite from your list is Emilia... Have you considered Emilia Beatrix? I think Beatrix has some spunk to it... I like it.

    I would caution against Aria... something tells me that it will be in the top 100 in the next few years. Of course, I could be wrong.
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    I personally love Beatrix - and agree that Emilia Beatrix makes a great combo!

    I think you got great names in there, but I'm not too keen on the combo's - I really like:

    Clara Juliette flows a lot better to me than Juliette Clara

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    In order of my favorites!

    Coralie Rose / Coralie Noelle - guh! Coralie Noelle is totally my style. Gorgeous! Love!

    Beatrix Noelle / Beatrix Rose - I love Beatrix! and Trixie! I know it's not everyone's favorite but it's just beautiful. I like Noelle and Rose with it
    Adelaide Rose / Adelaide Katerina - I like Rose. Adelaide needs a bit of simplicity IMO. Adelaide is very fun and pretty with tons of fab nn's!
    Aria Mary / Aria Victoria - meh, I'm not hot on either middle though I do like Aria. Aria Clara would be a cool combo!
    Emilia Mary / Emilia Katherine - I prefer it with Katherine as it runs together a bit with Mary. Emilia is very pretty, but it's gonna be constant work to get people to spell it right.
    Juliette Nora / Juliette Clara - I like Nora better as the L's blend a tad. I prefer the straightforward Juliet, but I do like the name.
    Felicity Nora / Felicity Alaina - hmm, I like I prefer Alaina, though the A endings don't ground it very well. What about Felicity Noelle? too Christmasy?
    Lucia Mary / Lucia Katherine - not really wild about either. Lucia Rose would flow nicely though. I like Lucy so much that Lucia always feels fake beside it.
    Alaina Rose / Alaina Noelle - both are very pretty, I have a soft spot for Noelle though. I'm not so wild about Alaina as a first since there are SOOOO many variation of spelling.
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    Adelaide Rose
    Juliette Nora
    Lucia Katherine

    These are my favs from your list in order of my liking
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