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    May 2012
    Location: Edinburgh

    Spouse 1: Nora Christine Gillespie
    Spouse 2: James Nicholas Lockhart

    DD: Iris Helena Gillespie Lockhart
    DD: Estelle Georgie Gillespie Lockhart
    DS/DD: Leo Vincent Gillespie Lockhart and Zara Hope Gillespie Lockhart
    DD/DS: Carmen India Gillespie Lockhart and Flynn Benjamin Gillespie Lockhart
    DS: Max Daniel Gillespie Lockhart
    DS: Jack Elliott Gillespie Lockhart
    DD: Amelie Cara Gillespie Lockhart

    "Iris, Estelle, Leo, Zara, Carmen, Flynn, Max, Jack and Amelie"

    Clan Douglas

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    Sep 2012
    New Hampshire
    DS: Adam Joseph
    DS: Oliver Finlay
    DD: Fiona Cora
    DD: Ava Kate
    DS: Alexander Daniel
    DD/DD: Leah Abigail and Lauren Amelia
    DS: Mason Sean

    Adam, Oli, Fee, Ava, Alex, Leah, Lauren and Mason

    Clan Urquhart

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    Apr 2011
    From: Falkirk

    LN: Muir

    DW: Saffron Colleen (nee Balfour)
    DH: Draco Alexander

    DS: Kyle Andrew
    DS: Aidan Clark
    DS: Jacob Vincent
    DS: Rhys Lincoln
    DD: Carmen Willow
    DD: Sophie Amabel
    DD: Isla Saffron

    Tartan: Clan Hamilton

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    Jul 2012
    11: Dumbarton

    LN: MacRae

    Spouse 1: Robert James MacRae
    Spouse 2: Maggie Katherine Balfour MacRae

    Roll the dice ( to determine the gender of each child. Roll seven times initially. An odd number signifies a boy, and an even number signifies a girl. If you roll an 11 or 12, you have had twins; roll twice more to decide the genders of the twins.

    DD: Isobel Alice MacRae
    DD: Joanna Grace MacRae
    DS: David Alistair MacRae
    DD: Elissa Quinn MacRae
    DS: Daniel Lachlan MacRae
    DS: Connor Reece MacRae
    DD: Isla Elspeth MacRae

    Like many Scottish families, you also have a family tartan, handed down through generations of stoic Scotsmen. Roll the dice again to see which tartan (and accompanying clan) is yours.
    5: Clan Douglas

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    sweetdreamer Guest
    Live: St Andrews

    DW: Annabel "Anna" Jean (Ferguson) Maconochie
    DH: Andrew "Andy" Duncan Maconochie

    DD1: Sofia Iris Maconochie
    DD2: Lily Frances Maconochie
    DD3: Keira Millie Maconochie
    DS1: Benjamin "Ben" Fraser Maconochie
    DS2: Alexander "Alex" Ryan Maconochie
    DS3: Samuel "Sam" Lewis Maconochie
    DD4/DD5: Maisy Louisa Maconochie/Neve Amelie Maconochie

    Tartan: Clan Dunbar

    Anna and Andy w/ Sofia, Lily, Keira, Ben, Alex, Sam, Maisy and Neve

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