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    Middle names to twin girls Bryn & Lola

    I'm due with twin girls in September and I'm stuck for middle names!!!

    I have chosen Bryn & Lola as first names. Both are familiar yet quirky, and feminine as well as bold.

    I've thought about family names as middle names. I'm Annmary Rose, after my grandmother Anne Marie, I have one older sister, Catherine Grace, and one younger sister, Madelaine Jeanne. My mother's name is Holly Anne, and I have three aunts from my mother, Angela Margaret, Joy Ellen, & Ronni Elizabeth, as well as two aunts from my father's side: Kristin Michelle & Tracy Ann.

    Some prettier vintage names I found on our family tree were my great great aunt Vivienne Charolette, my distant cousin Nora Belle, and my great great great grandmother Phillipa Rose!

    My current favorite choice combos are Bryn Rosemary & Lola Ann(e) (though my husband does not like the name Ann, despite it being the first half of my name! :P)

    My husband knew a woman named Noelle Rae in college and said that her name could be perfect middle names (Bryn Noelle & Lola Rae) But I don't know how I feel about a woman I've never met being the namesake for our twins!

    What do you think? Any cute suggestions?

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    I absolutely love Bryn Rosemary! Lola Ann is ok, but I don't like how how Lola ends in a and Ann starts with a. Maybe...
    Lola Catherine* my favorite
    Lola Madelaine* my almost-favorite haha
    Lola Joy
    Lola Vivienne

    Lola Scarlett
    Lola Violet (matches plant name Rosemary)
    Lola Florence
    Lola Grace
    Lola Evangeline
    Lola Elizabeth
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    First of all I have to acknowledge your picking of the name Bryn as one of the first names because I LOVE the name Brynna nn Bryn! Some of my suggestions are:

    Bryn Hillary (a mix of some of the names)
    Lola Anne

    Bryn Noelle
    Lola Grace

    Bryn Elizabeth
    Lola Madeson or Madison

    Bryn Charlotte
    Lola Catherine
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