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    I adore the name Montgomery, though I've never thought of it for a girl, but I actually love Montgomery Ann.

    She'd probably end up with the nn Monty, though you could definitely use Maggie. Even something like Mon, Monny, Morry.

    Another way to honour your grandmother could be to use a variation of her first name - Olive, Olivia, Molly, Polly, Holly, etc.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Montgomery as a first name for a girl. It's very heavy. It's such a lovely idea on your part though and you need to do what makes you happy. I think she could also get Monty as a nickname.

    I agree with previous suggestions on modifying Ollie.

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    I don't think (from what I've seen) that the traditional nameberry opposition to boy names on girls is simply because girls shouldn't have boy names. It's because we see so many gorgeous girl's names, and it's hard for us to watch someone pass up one of those for a popular boy's name. The opposition is to the trendy thing, not necessarily the actual thing itself, if that makes sense. We like our untraditional, second-glance, head-turning names.

    With that said, I think it's fine. No one will ever be sure if that's her first name, she'll constantly be asked 'Is Montgomery your first name? Is V_______ your first name?' and occasionally she'll get 'Ann' if the paperwork has her full middle name on it. But seriously, it's no big deal. At all. That kind of thing happens to everyone with a name below the top 50 or so.

    Honestly, it's cute. I put it in the same realm as Margot and Mauve. Not pretty, not super feminine or girly, but good, solid names. If it meant something like that to me, I'd use it. Because screw everyone else, this is YOUR kid, that you want to name after YOUR grandmother. And if you have to explain it, you get to explain it with pride.

    And to head off the inevitable, just call her Monty. It's adorable.
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    I love it!!! I think it's gorgeous

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    I love it. It sounds plenty feminine to my ear (it ends in Marie for heaven's sake)

    I've never thought surnames belong to men anyway, but the various girl sounds in the name are extra helpful for what will be a unique and charming name for a woman.
    How in the world do you pronounce it if you get a "marie" ending?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeska
    I don't like it, I'm afraid. Not necessarily because it's not traditionally a girls' first name, I just don't think it's attractive at all for a girl.
    Yep. Montgomery sounds ridiculously masculine to me.
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