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    Poster Iwillpraise,
    I have never seen this film, but I'm glad to know it's connected to an incredible story about a man who (apparently) changed his ways as he was affected by the things he did. Great!

    You're the only one who's mentioned the Job and Marcellus connection...but I thought of that and loved that, too! Marcellus is to honor a loved one who has passed away (we made it as close to Marcel, the honoree's name, as we could), but when I saw the meaning of Marcellus I was quite excited because it does seem that a real warrior is often persecuted but overcomes.

    I briefly thought about spelling it Jobe, but I love the original spelling, and I think that one correction will set most people straight. It's not as difficult for people to get their minds around as our daughter's name, for example. And, it is a great way to expand horizons on names (and even on ancient Biblical names). Also, with the "e" at the end, it might get pronounced Jo-bee which is going to be his "nickname" (or long-name?), but which we didn't want people mistaking if he does not want a cutesy name as he grows. Quickest way to correct people is to say "rhymes with robe" and it seems to be working so far.

    Thanks for your enthusiastic response.
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    You're quite welcome

    I agree that Job isn't nearly as hard as others I've heard and that it will only take 1 correction for people to get it right. I don't like it with an -e as much either. "It rhymes with robe" is ingenious....and yet another reason why you should seriously check out that movie (hehehe)!

    <3 Job and Amare are adorable.
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    I would prefer the traditional Job no 'e'.
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    Congrats on choosing a unique name like Job Marcellus and sticking to your guns! Good luck.
    All the best,

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