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    Boys name help... Levin?

    Oops, just realized I posted this in the wrong section, so here it is again!

    First of all, what is/was your initial reaction to the name Levin? I've gotten some very negative feedback on it and am now wondering if it is useable. Thanks! Additionally, I was hoping I could get some feedback on some other favorites of mine, as well as some suggestions of names I might like. Here's my (recently updated) list, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have!

    Crew (on the fence with this one. I love it but not sure about actually using it... hubby loves it though)
    Lyle (hubby doesn't like so it's out.. unless he changes his mind )
    Henry (only middle)
    Lazarus (I haven't suggested it to hubby yet, but I'm guessing he'll say no...)
    Jacob, only with the nickname Jake (not sure about because of popularity. I normally don't mind popularity, but Jacob is just SO popular)
    Wiley (my all-time favorite name, but we will probably only use it as a middle, if at all)
    Sage (only middle)
    Macaulay (only middle)

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    Levin is ok, although I immediately think of 'leaven', and therefore yeast... I much prefer Nevin. From your other choices, I like Luca and Rafferty.
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    I like Levin okay - when I see it, my immediate reaction is to think of Tolstoy. If I were to hear it, I would probably hear it as "Leaven" though, like with yeast.

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    My initial thought was Carl Levin, a Michigan senator. Not necessarily a bad association. I like it.

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    My initial reaction was also 'leaven', as in baking bread. Doesn't quite seem like a name to me. Devin and Nevin are decent. Lavon could be okay. But I don't like Levin. From your others I like Luca and Henry a lot, Rafferty a decent amount, Sage, Jacob and Holden in the mediocre range, and the rest I don't like at all.

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