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    Congrats tk, pinkcandle, and vitamom3!

    Missusaytch: I just read your original announcement on the ttc board, I couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty cute too.

    I just took the Chinese gender predictor test and it says girl for either possible due date! We'll see, it's 50/50, but despite my initial gut feeling I'm getting another boy I have been thinking it's a girl lately.

    It sounds silly, but I'm almost jealous of everyone's symptoms, all I have is sleepiness and more vivid dreams. Some morning sickness or aversions or anything else like that would be reassuring to me. My ultrasound is finally coming up tomorrow. I cannot wait. I have not told anyone yet except hubby of course, but I have asked my my two year old if he would like a baby and he smiles and nods his head.
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    missusaytch Guest
    Hi all! I have had moderate cramps coming and going every few minutes since last night. And just now I had pink spotting. I called the on-call doctor - I'm sure they love me - and he said if I pass tissue go to ER, if it doesn't get super heavy just call doc tomorrow and tell them I need levels straight away.

    The spotting has not recurred yet and the cramps while unpleasant are not doubling me over. I've been told all this can be normal but my oh my it is hard not to be scared.

    Your prayers would be much appreciated.

    I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day. Cheers!

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    @MrsH-- is this roughly when you expected your period?
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    @Blade - no. I usually had about a 10 day LP and I'm at 16 DPO now.

    The spotting has not recurred and the cramps have been gone for about 30 mins.

    I took another HPT last night. Even without FMU the line was noticeably darker than 2 days before.

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    Missus; Sending happy thoughts and prayers to you, my dear xxx

    Tara; yeah, Roo's b-day is 18th of March, and this one will come along probably before she's even 11 months! Crazy...

    Lovewn; I kind of get it, having all these symptoms makes the whole thing real, I know something's going on in there. Ultrasound tomorrow, yay! Good luck!
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