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    Congrats on your boys tk and tintri!!

    Tk, glad you and your baby boy are okay too!

    Tintri, great name!
    Astrid Harley Scarlett is here! Born 3/7.

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    Woah, so many boys! Congratulations everyone

    Sarah, I know a Regnar, lovely name.

    Anyone have solutions for headaches other than tylenol/panadol? I am getting them all day every day. It's not high blood pressure, either. I have consulted Dr Google and mostly I get "lie down in a dark room" (who actually gets to do that?) "reduce stress" (because all the stressful aspects of my life are optional?) "increase sleep" (ha. I have a three year old) or "Drink more water" (sigh... already am). Sorry for the rant but it's hard to stay on top of everything with a pounding headache as soon as I wake up every morning. Oh, the joys of pregnancy
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    If I had a baby tomorrow...
    Atlas Adair or Lyra Sylvie

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    More boys! Congratulations
    Arg 8 long weeks till we find out.
    The ocean theme sounds really cool. I don't really do themes, I just kinda colour co-ordinate... Mainly cause is never be a me to settle on one thing. I have 'hearted' so many prints on etsy it's rediculous and I would miss out on so many I love if I restricted it with themes! The ocean sounds very cool, and monsters. Love me a cute monster or two!
    UTI do not sound fun. Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    And TK what a way to find out. So glad to hear it was a false alarm. So scary though!
    Ottillie good luck with Roos sleeping. Hopefully it's just a tiny bit of a phase, a growth spurt, or the like. It does suck though. Specially when your already tired and hormonal!

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    Tara and Tin; congrats on the boys!!! How wonderful to know!

    Mila; I'm so sorry about those headaches. This is going to sound crazy, but it actually works: put your feet and your hands in warm/hot water (you need to sit comfortably somewhere), put a bag of frozen peas at the top of your neck/base of your skull (you can use other frozen little things or one of those freeze-bags for injuries; it needs to be able to form itself and lie nicely around your neck). It works, it might not make it go away entirely, but it does help. The warm feet and hands will draw the blood from you chilled head. Hope you'll feel better sweetie!

    Tuit; thanks! I know what's up though, I blame myself for not figuring it out. Girl is teething. No wonder she can't sleep...
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    T.K. and Tintri- I can't believe how many little boys we are currently growing on this thread! Such exciting news for both of you! We go for our sneak peak this Wednesday and I can hardly stand the wait. Congratulations again. I'll look forward to seeing many more awesome boy names...
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