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    greci- I just had to say how much I love all three of your boys names! So very handsome and distinguished!

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    @Babylove14 - thank you so much! They really work out well together, and I love that they all end in "n".
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    Hi Ladies,
    Just had to stick my head in and say hello. We just had our 24 week appointment and everything looks good. Kurt kicked (or punched?) the machine they were using to listen to his heartbeat. It was a nice moment for me. He definitely is an active little guy and it took the nurse by surprise too. We got a good laugh out of it. My sweet doctor warned me not to overindulge this holiday season, seeing as I would be in my 3rd trimester for the first time during the holidays. Good advice, but it did make me sad. I'm finally over the N/V, and feeling so much better, but too tired to cook, and all this delicious food is going to be made and put in front of me, and I don't have to space to hold it all. Oh well, in case I don't listen to her, she also provided me a list of 'safe' medicines I could take if needed. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have a great one.
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    Bex; your niece sounds awesome!!! I'd like a protector like that.

    Greci; It sounds like the names you chose for the twins fits them perfectly. It must be weird to have two babies in there kicking, and so fascinating with their different personalities and everything. Very interesting! I'm glad it's going well.

    We're doing good, the baby is still kicking and jumping around like a little crazy person. We talk a lot, or I talk a lot, I read her stories and we sing songs. I think my cat felt the baby kick just now, she was lying in my lap, the baby kicked and the cat jumped up and made a very loud angry noise. I'm having a bad day, Dita's got pneumonia and is in the hospital with Husband. I'm home alone feeling guilty for not being there. And worried. I know I need to think about this baby too, but it's difficult.
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    Ottilie, Oh poor Roo I'm sending my best wishes!
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