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Thread: H & B Names

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    Thank you all of you I will answer all individually.


    Henrietta - I don't like this it's slightly too 80's for me.
    Hettie - I do think this is cute but a cousin has a little girl called this.
    Holly - We both like the name Holly - I missed it off my list damn.
    Hadley - I do like this one a pub around my area has this name so i'm unsure.
    Honor - On No Goes as my boyfriend doesnt like it :-( MEN.

    Beatrice - I love this name as it was 1 of my nan's middle names. He doesn't like it .
    Blythe - I'm not keen on this.
    Bronwen - I love this one - I forgot this one.

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    Stripped socks -

    Hannah is the one I like best of your H's. (The only one I like at all, actually) and Blue the best of your B's. Hannah is so popular that Blue might balance it out? I don't hate Bethany but I don't really like it. - I Agree on the common thing and having something less common with it.

    Other ones I like: Hazel first and foremost, then Holly, and maybe Helene. Halle is ok. Blythe, Briar, Branwen, Beatrice/Beatrix, Betony, Belphoebe, Belisent, Benjamina, Betrys, Belle. - I do actually have Holly but I missed it out. - Helene & Hazel are too old for me. - Halle I know a girl called Hallie so this one is out. - Names I dont like Blythe, Beatrix (Too old), Beatrice (See above), Benjamina (No. Benjamin is a boys name just by adding a a on the end dont make it a girls name), Belle (I don't like as it's a NN for Isabelle or Annabelle to me), Briar (I don't like it's too out there), Branwen (I'v heard of Bronwen/Bronwyn but i'v never heard of this so it's a NO), Betony, Belphoebe, Belisent, Betrys (I'v Never heard of these so I wouldnt use as names I'v never heard of I wouldnt be able to say or spell).

    Amy-Louise and Hazel Blythe would be my first thought if it were me picking. - I don't like Hazel or Blythe there slightly too old for my liking.

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    Of what you have I love Hannah Brooke - I like this name.

    Other combos: Harper Brielle, Hailey Breanne, and Hope Blakely - I like Harper Brielle, I like Hope but i'm not keen on Blakely or Hailey. I like Breanne/Breanna though.

    Others I like Heather, Helena, Hadley, Belinda, Blaise, Bianca - Belinda, Heather & Helena - Are too 80's to me. Hadley - Is ok but see above. - Bianca - I like this one. Blaise - I do like but it's my cats name.

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    I have a boys list on the boys name forum. -

    No's - Harley (Too Close to Harvey), Harvey (I would get killed by my boyfriend - Not litterly), Hugo (NO - I like Huw though), Hendrix - This looks almost made up.
    Hunter - On list.
    Hector - On list.

    No's - Blaine, Benson, Blake, Bryce, Blaise (My cat's called this).
    Brandon - I do like this.


    Harper - I like this name.
    Harlow - I'm not keen on this but it is cute.
    Holly - I like this I missed it out on my list.
    Haven - I do like this but I keep getting its not a good name to call a kid.
    Hailey - I'm not a fan of this I went to school with 4.
    Harriet - I love this name as it's my nan's but unfortunatly my boyfriend doesnt like it.

    Briannah - I like but i'd spell it the proper way.
    Bria - Aint this a NN for above ??
    Berrin - unisex. - More male name so NO. - Boys names and girls names should not mix.
    Brynee - WHAT ?????
    Bettina - Too Old - Not even heard of since 1900's.
    Bonnie - I like this.

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    he likes

    Harper Briella.

    Holly - Holly Brooke
    Heaven - instead of Haven.


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