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Thread: Hazel or Eliza

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    Thanks for the feedback so far - I definitely think either would be a good name in the long run. Hazel hasn't been sitting quite right with me lately, but I keep going back and forth. (Could be hormones... hard to tell, lol). Now to just convince Dh to wait until we meet her. To him, that means endless talking about names. So I guess I have to cool it on the name talk to not drive him over the edge. And just let them simmer awhile. We have 3ish months to go

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    I'm really loving Hazel right now, so my inclination is Hazel June, but I've loved Eliza the longest, and Eliza June is just too sweet! I think my vote goes to Eliza June, but it's only because I'm probably the pickiest person alive with Hazel combos. There's really only two combos that I've come across that I've really liked.

    Good luck!
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