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    Justus Ray- Never been a fan of this name... sounds like he's a judge.
    Dashiell Ray- I knew a family with this surname in my neighborhood when I was a child. The father was a real jerk, openly cheating on his wife (he was a politician... what do you expect?), so I'm completely biased against this name.
    Lachlan Ray- I think this one fits the best with Brooks and Boston. It's also very modern, and has the same charm.
    Baylor Ray- A bit girly to me.
    Judah Ray- Too Biblical, imho.
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    I love Baylor! First time I've seen it and it caught my eye right away.
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    Justus Ray - sounds like a weapon a superhero would use
    Dashiell Ray - I've never understood the appeal of Dashiell...
    Lachlan Ray - my favorite with Brooks and Boston
    Baylor Ray - two's a coincidence, three's a pattern; I'm just not a fan of Baylor regardless
    Judah Ray - sticks out next to Brooks and Boston because it's Biblical and has a completely different feel; I would never expect it with your sons' names

    Lachlan Ray gets my vote. Other ideas:

    Campbell Ray
    Duncan Ray
    Quentin Ray
    Camden Ray
    Simon Ray - Biblical, but fits with Brooks and Boston
    Eamon Ray
    Declan Ray
    Gideon Ray - ditto Simon
    Crispin Ray
    Tobin Ray
    Emmett Ray
    Lincoln Ray
    Bennett Ray - a third "B" name, but I really like it with Brooks and Boston
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