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Thread: Any winners?

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    My favorites from your list are


    Some other suggestions
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

    Averil - Caius - Casimir - Edmund - Ignatius - Benedict - Virgil - Raphael - Leopold - Clement - Caspar - Rainer - Romain - Ernest - Isidore - Wenceslaus - Balthasar - Peregrine - Gilbert - Cornelius - Augustine - Carlisle - Quentin - Severin - Castiel - Cyril

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    isabellemarie: Thank you. I like Cressida, Eliora, & Mabel
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    I like Juno and Matilda best from your list. I've never met a Juno. Come to think of it, I could say that about many of the names on your list. And to me that's generally a good thing.
    Would Wilhelmina ever get called by her full name? It seems rather awkward to me. I don't mind the name but I can just imagine aunties, grandparents, etc. finding a nn rather than stumbling through the whole thing. But perhaps you don't mind that. And I do like long names.
    Marina isn't quite old-ladyish enough yet to be fresh on a baby, I think.
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    Anoushka -- Severely dislike. An Ooshka? What's an Ooshka? Uness there's something silent in there...?
    Astoria -- Cute, sounds like a fictional place. (unless it's a real place, my bad.)
    Clea -- No... Clean...
    Cordelia -- Cute, don't like the way is feels int he mouth though.
    Cosima -- Adorable. Love.
    Delphine -- Makes me think of Dolphins, but it's more of a neutral association than a negative one. Okay.
    Edie/Edith -- Love Edith!
    Elettra -- Like Electra? Or letters? Meh.
    Endellion -- Madallion! Or Dandilion! Meh, too out there, even for me. Sounds really made up.
    Etta -- Cute as a nn.
    Eulalie -- Ukulele?
    Juno/Juniper -- Cute!
    Maeve -- Cute, prefer Mauve though.
    Marina -- Bad association with a person for me. Dislike intensely. Also not a fan of the 'ee' sound in general.
    Matilda/Maude -- ADORE Matilda! Is Maude a nn for it? I also like Maude.
    Paloma -- Meh, don't like P names. This is also too soft for me.
    Poppy -- Cute! Can't see it aging too well, though...
    Rui -- Roo-ee? Cool, I suppose, sounds Indian (as in India).
    Tamsin -- Cute, not my fav.
    Wilhelmina -- Adore. I love vintage revival names.
    Winter/Winnie -- Cute!

    Sorry, I'm weirdly picky...
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    celianne- Nah, no worries! Feedback I take as a good thing, positive or negative. You were very polite so that's perfect Rui is Japanese, actually. I like it, but DP is now saying that she think it'd be too hard for people to pronounce. Darn it. xD

    triss - I like Wilhelmina as either full name, or w/ a nickname. I like that there are a lot of nn possibilities, that was one selling point that got me liking it, so that people could kind of pick their own, or DD herself could find one that was a perfect fit when she's older.
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