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    Perhaps he'd like Cara, Clara, Mara, Lara, Vera, Farrah - all rhyme-ish with Sarah.

    Elisabeth is gorgeous, but pretty standard as a middle name, although the 's' spelling makes it prettier and slightly more stand-out - though I do say slightly.

    Maybe Elisabeth as a first name would be more suited to Atticus? Or maybe Elise, Eliza etc...?

    Btw, I love a pp's suggestion of Sadie! Atticus and Sadie are lovely together.
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    I actually like Sarah Elisabeth! Yes, it's pretty traditional, but it's almost refreshing in this day and age where everyone gives their kids creative/unique/unusual names. Even though there were probably 9 Sarahs in your class when you were in school, I hardly hear it these days (I'm a substitute teacher). She would probably be the only Sarah in her class. I also think Sarah and Atticus work as a sibset. They're both vintage-y. I love the suggestion of Sarah nn Sadie with Atticus. You could also pair Sarah with a less-traditional version of Elisabeth, like Elspeth, Elise, Bess, Lisette, Elisheva, Elisabetta. There are so many!

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    If you wanted to go for something that still felt classic...but not as common as Sarah (especially the combo Sarah Elisabeth...)

    Sally (actually is a diminutive of Sarah)

    Or since Elisabeth/Elizabeth is such a common middle name. Maybe something like Eliza for a middle name instead. Or Elise. Just some thoughts

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    I agree that Sarah is wonderful, classic, goes with anything (and therefore Atticus). Maybe if you concede Sarah, you can go just a notch more creative than Elizabeth for the middle. I really like Sarah Elspeth or Sarah Elise.

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