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Thread: The Name Johnny

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    The trouble with Johnny if you're meh on John is that your son may well decide he'd rather go by John later in his life no matter what you put on his birth certificate (I'd go with John, fwiw). I know two Johns and a Jonathan that went by Jo(h)nny as kids and now are John, John and Jon.

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    I prefer both Jack and John to Johnny, but if you chose to put John on the birth certificate you will have the flexibility to choose between the three based on what suits him best.

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    I love the name Johnny! Its cute when they are little yet masculine when they are older!
    Also, have you considered the name Jonty if you weren't too sure about Johnny?
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    I agree with the others: my vote is for John for the birth certificate and Johnny for day-to-day use. It gives him something "grown up" to fall back on for job/college applications.

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    I love the strong simplicity of John. Johnny is a sweet nickname, but I would never use it as a full name. John is so wonderfully neutral that I think it works with any set of girl names. I think Johnny can skew very sweet & vintage despite it's long standing popularity. It feels 1950s wholesome to me. It's like the boy version of Annie & Mary.

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