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Thread: Christina?

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    Not sure.
    I like Christine soooooooooooo much more, and it's just so much more sophisticated. Not a fan of Christina
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    To me it is dated. It feel more like someone of my generation or even a little earlier. Apart from that, the Christ- beginning of the name turns me off as I am non-religious.
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    My name is Christina and I'm okay with it but there are so many nicknames! I'm called Chrissy, Chris, crista, stine, stina and steeny weenie (my dad)

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    I think Christina should make a come back I prefer her so much more than Elizabeth which is so boring and yet has a huge following. I like most of the nn's but Stina is just plain awful. I also like Christiane but not a fan of Christine as it sounds dated to me.

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    I do think Christina is dated. But I have never been a fan of the name, so maybe I'm biased. I prefer Christine, but only slightly. I also don't like most/all of the nicknames. Chris is too masculine, I don't like Tina at all, Chrissy sounds prissy. Christa is the only one I'd consider somewhat okay. Maybe Kirsten or some other international variant would be more appealing?

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