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Thread: Jarvis??

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    DH and I are expecting our first baby in October (gender still a surprise). He has fairly traditional/popular tastes for girls (Amelia, Charlotte, Violet), but has now decided on the name Jarvis for a boy. Thoughts? His family tradition is for boys to have J first names, and there aren't to many choices that aren't already taken. I'm still hoping we go with Jasper, but Jarvis is growing on me.

    Our last name ends with a "z" sound (like Jones). Would the "s" ending of Jarvis go with a last name ending with a "z" sound?

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    Jarvis is such an awesome name. I think it's way way underused. That being said, Jasper is a personal favorite (and a very likely choice for us). Either would be really really awesome choices.
    As far as the last name thing, perhaps a name ending in the 'z' sound isn't ideal with Jarvis, but it's not a deal breaker.

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    Jarvis Jones sounds like a radio show detective. I love it!
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    We had a baby boy this year and named him Jarvis. Jasper has become so endemically popular around here - I know fifteen of them. Like me, those who like Jasper tend to like Jarvis and it's a much more unusual choice.

    I'm so glad we used it - I do see it as one of those rare gems. Recognisable, not weird, and totally underused. People seem pleasantly surprised when they ask his name and we tell them and most say how much they like it. Only the FIL had an odd reaction and I think that's bound to happen with any unusual name - we were prepared for it anyway and don't expect all to love it.

    Here's a fabulous history of the name - it has a long, interesting one, which really sold me on it further:

    S and Z sounds are completely different - I think the last name will be fine. Us name nerds tend to over think these things which turn out not to be a problem at all. It would be different if your last name started with S

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