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    Portuguese/German Names?

    I am of English and Portuguese origin. My hubby is English, German and American Indian. I would like a name that will be accessible to both sides of my heritage as well as his. I'm finding this to be a daunting task and would love some outside feedback. This is what I've come up with so far..

    Anna-The Portuguese pronunciation is UH-NUH which I prefer. It's much softer and feminine IMO. Also it honors my mother whose name is Anabela. I like that it is recognizable in most languages including German, however I'm not sure about using it as a first name. It seems a bit plain. I think I might prefer it, or a name variant as a middle name. I like Anneliese, which is a very old-fashioned German name. Thoughts?

    Nina-So very sweet, simple and old fashioned. Having trouble finding a German name that flows well with it. I think a 2-3 syllable name would sound best since Nina is already so short. What are some of your suggestions?

    Ines-Adore this name! Portuguese pronunciation is EEN-EHZH. I don't mind the English pronunciation I-NEZ. Not sure which pronunciation I'd use though. Would it be more appropriate to use the English pronunciation since I live in the U.S? Or does it not make a difference? Also, having trouble finding a German name that flows well with it, just like Nina.

    Catarina/Catharina/Katarina-Catharina is the German spelling which honestly I'm not very fond of. Hubby really likes this one. He actually prefers the spelling Katarina which I'm also not very fond of. I prefer Catarina. Which is your favorite?

    Bianca-I really like the idea of using the nn Bia. It's so sweet. Have no idea what I would pair this with.

    Maria-Every Portuguese woman has this name it seems lol. I would never use it as a first name but since it is my great-grandmothers name, I thought about maybe using it as a middle.

    Ok this is what I have so far. Obviously I still have some tweeking to do lol. Would love to hear some of your suggestions. Thank you

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