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    Do you ever compliment random strangers on their name choices?

    Not like on the internet, but in real life. The other day I was in a public bathroom at the sink and a lady was changing her baby on the changing table, and I heard her call him Calvin. Calvin is my complete favorite boys' name that I thought nobody else in real life liked but me so I whipped around and was like OMG did I hear you right I love the name Calvin OMG! And I just got a job at a store that sells tween girl clothes so I get to hear a lot of names & I usually compliment the parents if it's something I like. Does anybody else do this or am I just weird?
    Felicity ~ Calista ~ Claudia ~ Beatrice "Betty" ~ Carlotta ~ Millie ~ Cora ~ Audrey ~ Violet

    Calvin ~ Jude ~ Miles ~ Oliver ~ Roscoe ~ Benjamin ~ Leo ~ Adrian ~ Isaac ~ Colin

    Please rate my namelist!

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