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    That's just lazy. I hope you're enforcing Persephone; even if the person in question has never heard the name before, Persephone isn't any more difficult than Penelope.

    Anyways, I'm glad to hear Persephone (and you!) are doing well. Congratulations again!
    As someone who can't say the name: Bartholomew, I can feel the pain of people who have problems with saying certain names. I would just make sure they are not being rude/lazy or if they really do have a problem saying the name. If so maybe finding a nickname you like would be a good idea or allow them to call her Willow.

    Also, not to disappoint, but a lot of babies are born with blue eyes that end up changing over time! So they'll likely only be blue if someone in your family has blue eyes (genetics).

    But congratulations! She is adorable

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