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    Kelly is a family name. Would this work as a middle name for a boy in today's world? It would be paired with something clearly masculine and underused such as Aurelian (just an example).

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    I think pretty much anything works in the middle spot. But I'd go even more masculine and slightly more common than Aurelian. Something like Ezekiel, Sebastian, Malcolm, depending on your taste, of course.

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    Yes, I think Kelly can easily work on a boy.
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    I'd love to meet a boy named Kelly, but if I myself were a boy, I would probably hate to be a Kelly. Middle names are a bit more flexible though, and since they are so rarely used, I think it would work. He will probably still hate it, but he won't have to be too embarrassed of it since it will rarely be revealed. As a name nerd, I think it's fantastic.

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    I wouldn't use it as a first name, but anything goes as a middle name.
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