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  • Lochlan Elias

    16 45.71%
  • Lochlan Levi

    0 0%
  • Lochlan Spencer

    2 5.71%
  • Lochlan Elijah

    1 2.86%
  • Lochlan Conlee

    1 2.86%
  • Lochlan Quincy

    2 5.71%
  • Lochlan Finlay

    2 5.71%
  • Lochlan Felix

    6 17.14%
  • Lochlan Silas

    0 0%
  • Lochlan Patrick

    5 14.29%
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    Lochlan needs a middle name!

    Before anyone suggests it, I know many prefer the spelling Lachlan (myself included). However, marriage is about give and take. I had to give on the Lachlan spelling as dh couldn't be convinced that it wouldn't cause everyone our son-to-be would meet to call him "Lack-lin". And, being as dh and I both have Irish ancestors and dh also has 'viking' ancestors, the name is very apt for our son. So, Lochlan it is. Well, 95% sure Lochlan it is. We have the names Langston, Sullivan and Lincoln on our short 'back-up' list should we meet our new son and feel he just is not a Lochlan.

    Here are the middle names we are considering.

    Lochlan Elias- Elias is Greek and being that I am half Greek, it is the perfect hat tip to the other side of my family. In addition, four of our other five children have a Greek name as either their first or middle name. So, it just sort of fits right in with our other kids. Also, I'm a fan of Disney. Not so much the company as the man who started it all, Walt Disney (aka Walter Elias Disney). It'd be a very slight tip of the hat to someone whose imagination and determination I admire. Finally, we love the meaning of the name. We feel like our pick should be easy and this should be it, but we are still in the 'back and forth' , 'yes and no' grey area with this one. Neither dh nor myself can even say why.

    Lochlan Levi- Simply put, I love the repetition of the sound of the letter "L" . Also, it's a biblical name and we admire that about the name. Finally, dh really likes the name.

    Lochlan Conlee (spelled that way)- It's a long used name from my side of the family and we like the repetitive "L" sound once again.

    Lochlan Finlay- Pretty much, another repetitive "L" sound draws us in to this one.

    Lochlan Quincy- Quincy means "Estate of the 5th son". Lochlan will be our fifth son (sixth child overall since we have a daughter as well).

    Lochlan Felix- While I was growing up, I knew a sweet older man named Felix who was always kind to me (and a very dear friend of my grandparents). Because of knowing him, I associate the name Felix with being kind, smart, funny and interesting. Also, four of our five other children have an 'x' in their middle names.

    Lochlan Elijah- We love the meaning of the name.

    Lochlan Patrick- It flows well, however, it almost seems like a filler middle name (with the first name we are using)

    Lochlan Silas- We simply like the flow of the name with Lochlan and the sound of the name on it's own as well.

    Lochlan Spencer- We almost used Spencer as the name of our third son. We like the sound and flow of it with Lochlan.

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    I went for Lochlan Elias, as Elias is just such a wonderful, vintage name. However, it completely depends on your surname...
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    I voted Lochlan Elias, I like the meaning and the sound. Second choice was Lochlan Felix, same reasons. My least favourite would be Patrick, you have some lovely, meaningful choices without resorting to a name you would think of as a filler in some corner of your mind.

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    I voted for Lochlan Patrick
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thanks for the input. I think I was a bit nervous about two 'unusual' names together. I was wondering what he would go by if he wanted a 'normal' name. I guess he could always go by "Eli" as an adult if Elias and Lochlan are both too 'out there' for him. Although, I pray he doesn't think that. I do dearly love the name Lochlan!

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