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    It's been floating in my head for a few months now, and I only recently found out that it's my boyfriend's brother's first name! (he goes by his middle) Seeing it on an actual person made me fall even harder for it, especially because we could actually use it when we have kids as it is a family name. Ah, swoon.
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    My crushes tend to be the names I couldn't actually use...

    Clover is one. I love the fact it's cute on a toddler but quite grown-up later on. Although most people over here associate it with cows.

    Hesper is another. I like the way it sounds like a whisper and its meaning (evening star). It's like a more beautiful, less-Scarlet-Letter version of Hester :-)

    Alderney is another. (As it looks - ALL/ORL-der-nee). It's actually the name of one of the Wombles <blush> but they all choose their names from the atlas and it's one of the Channel Islands. I think it just sounds beautiful as a name even though I've never heard of or seen it used other than as a place.

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    The first one would probably be Evangeline, after reading the poem, I have become quite smitten!

    Aurora, Magnolia, Miriam and Claudia are others that have sort of crept on me - I liked them before; but now I could actually imagine using them.
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    I've really been loving the name Edith lately. I've even rearranged my name list to include it. Edith is gorgeous and strong sounding.

    It currently sits in third place on my list as a middle name for Joanna.

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