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Thread: Cale? <3

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    Cale? <3

    So, I'm not expecting yet but my husband and I will be trying to start our family later this year or early next year.

    I was looking up names with my parents just for fun. They have the same basic taste in names as me. One of the names we came across was Cale.

    I fell in love with it! It's now number three on my baby boy names list.

    There is one pitfall. But I'm not going to mention it. I want to see what other people think of it when they see the name.

    Do you like Cale for a boy? What are some good middle names to go with it?


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    I think of John Cale. Then I think of kale, but it's not a terrible association.

    If that bothers you, any interest in Crane? Calder?

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    Lol, the vegetable Kale was the problem. That's the only thing my parents had bad to say about it. :P I don't think that's such a bad thing, I just don't want people thinking "You named your kid a vegetable? You're insane."

    All my other names are pretty traditional, but I love the sound of this.

    Crane and Calder aren't really my style. I like the -Ale name ending. Kind of like Gale from Hunger Games, only not actually using the name Gale.

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    Well I think Gale is gorgeous, though it's a more feminine name to me.

    How about Hale? He'd have a great namesake in Nathan Hale, a positive association with the word "hale" as in healthy and strong... and the homonym "hail" which is in keeping with the stormy feeling of Gale. Hale as a name is an old English surname that means "shelter."

    Calvin is another Cal name... or just Cal.

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    I thought the same thing about Gale sounding too feminine.

    I think Hale would be good as a middle name, perhaps.

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