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    What do you think of my top 10?

    I know it's ridiculous to spend my time thinking about these things when it's nowhere near close to happening, but hey it's a hobby.

    Soo...after some thoughts, I've finally come up with 10 first names that I like the sound of and that I can picture on a kid.

    Christian (possible nickname Kit)

    Scout (I love the idea of having Finch as a middle name for Scout....way too over the top, or a nice nod to one of my favorite characters?)

    So..I guess the reason I'm posting this is for opinions, feedback, middle name suggestions, etc. I know my names aren't really most people's cup of tea, and I'm open to constructive criticism if you hate some/all of them. Also, my nieces and nephews have classic names...think William/Elizabeth-type names. One of my siblings likes more trendy names for her future kids, but she also has some classics mixed into her list. Will it matter that of the grandchildren, my kids will be the odd ducks with non-classic names? I don't really think it matters, but I suppose it's something to consider

    Basically, I'm okay with you guys ripping apart the list and giving me your honest go for it. Would I be a horrible person to use these names?

    *After all of the discussion and arguments I've witnessed on Nameberry, I had decided I could never use the name India on a child...until I mentioned that to a friend when talking about the names I liked and this friend, who is Indian, was completely confused by why the name would be considered offensive. I'd still consider it carefully before really using it, but if this friend isn't offended by it then it's back on the table for me as a option.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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