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    I meant if you wanted to use Kay, Kate or Kathleen in the middle to honor her it wouldn't work with Kyra.

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    I like Nora, Violet and Lyla and all sound lovely with big brother Wesley.

    If you were going to use Kate as a mn I think Nora or Lyla would work best.

    Nora Kate - Love this!!
    Lyla Kate - nice, but second choice.

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    Sybil Kay please!

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    Not a fan of Kaelyn or Ashlyn, both of which seem very trendy and timestamped already. And I wish that when people were attracted to a unisex name, they would just embrace the unisex-ness of it and use the established spelling, in this case Cameron. But that's just a pet peeve of mine.

    I really like Nora and Sybil. Violet has a lot of fans but I've grown a little tired of it, maybe because it's so popular here on Nameberry - it's a solid, classy name, though. Isabel is sweet as well (my favorite spelling is Isobel).

    Nora Kay/Kathleen is lovely.

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    Kyra is my little sister's name, I love it! Nora and Violet are beautiful to me. Especially as Nora is my niece's name.
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