View Poll Results: Which centuries old C - a name?

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  • Calista nn Callie

    34 38.64%
  • Claudia nn Claudie

    20 22.73%
  • Camilla nn Millie

    34 38.64%
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    Claudia is a bit confusing on the pronounciation side, IMO, because there's different languages that use it: "CLAU-di-ya" or "CLAW-di-ya" are both common. I think the first is prettier, but in the USA the 2nd will be what most people actually say. I really don't prefer Claudie, it just sounds like an annoying poodle name to me. (Sorry!)

    Calista is lovely but to me it's still tied primarily to Calista Flockhart, so I have a mental block about it. I LOVE the nn Callie, though. It's so down-home, pioneer/Southern sounding to me. But I like having a fuller, a bit surprising full name like Calista behind it.

    Camilla is nice but I actually prefer Camille. I voted for it mainly because I ADORE Millie.
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    Calista just isn't my cup of tea - I like nn Callie, but I'd use a different full name.

    Claudia looks pretty but I don't like the sound - claw-dia sounds scratchy and cloud-ia sounds airy.

    Camilla is my favourite - I adore Milly as a nickname, and it's also got the option of Cam for more tomboyish girls.

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    I love Calista and Camilla. I would have voted Camille if that had been an option. I like it better than Camilla.

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    I and DP would definitely both pick Claudia.
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    Well I like Claudia the best...but the nickname Millie the best.

    So I don't think that really helps you much.

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